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So Now What?

I just bought and finished the latest book by super cool author Tara N. Hathcock. Now what?

Well, you could sit and wait for the finale to come out (The End...dunh, dunh, dunh). You could re-read the first book (which goes without saying), could go back to Amazon and leave a book review (I vote for that one!)

Why should I leave a book review?

Because book reviews are the bread and butter of indie author success. Other people buy my books depending on how many reviews and how many stars I have. Another thing I've learned - 1 star is better than no stars. As another indie author once told me, "Bad reviews are better than no reviews." It's true - some people buy a book based on the number of reviews without bothering to read a single one. Book review and deal sites like BookBub feature books that have a healthy amount of reviews but will reject a book outright if the review section looks barren. And if you're not familiar with BookBub, let me just tell you - you should be. It's kind of a big deal.

But I'm so busy!

You just read a 400-page novel! I think you've got another 3 minutes to spare, which is all it takes. Am I being bossy and demanding? Yes. Should I expect you to give me even more of your time? Debatable. But gracious, I do so appreciate that time and it makes such a difference in the life of a poor, struggling indie author. Thanks to each of you, Burning Bridges had a fantastic debut week. So leave a review and help keep it alive and well.

And on that note, I think I'll sign off. I've got a third book to write, after all.

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